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Finch St. is a specialist career consultancy run by leading industry experts who know career development from the ground up. We offer personalised career coaching for graduates right through to senior executives. Our role is to help people discover what they want in a career, know how to ask for it and go after it. Given that most of us spend 70% of our time at work…best be happy there!


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Our dream is to build a community where more people are inspired to follow theirs. We’ve created the Finch St. Academy to inspire & educate you to find a career you love.


meet the founder: Adele leah

When the effervescent Adele Leah, is not busy running a successful recruitment business, she’s coaching people to chase their dreams, (which she’s pretty darn good at it) and if she’s not busy with either of these two things you’ll find her lying on a beach in Sardinia – lucky girl!

We ask Adele what drove her to launch Finch St and what it takes to get career happy. As it turns out luck doesn’t have much to do with it.

What drove you to start up your own career coaching business?

I founded Finch St. because I’m passionate about helping people to not just ‘find a job’ but discover what truly makes them happy enough to jump out of bed each morning. Seeing the frustration it causes people when they are feeling lost, when they miss out on a role they had their heart set on or end up in the wrong role, inspired me to become a career coach. Now I get to help people from all over the world realise their own career happiness through Finch St.

Have you always been this focused on what you wanted?

The truth is, I haven‘t . So I understand the challenges and the journey but also the success that comes with it! There were definitely mishaps along the way – providing some funny stories to tell.  But since then I’ve spent over 20 years working in recruitment, assisting businesses to grow and helping hundreds of  people realise their passion and purpose and achieve ultimate career happiness. I’m now a qualified Coach, NLP Practitioner and professional speaker and I love my work!

What’s the next big challenge for you?

My mission is to make more people in the world happy at work and in their careers, because a happy career is key to a happy life. Through Finch St. and alongside coaching one-on-one, I hope to build a powerful community of people who dare to chase their dreams and love their work.  When people join the Finch St. Academy, they will have immediate access to great advice from leading industry experts and exclusive invitations to career development events and workshops.

If you could provide just one piece of advice – what would it be?

70% of your time is spent at work – that’s a whole chunk of your life. Don’t waste it doing something that does not make you happy or leaves you feeling unsatisfied or unfulfilled. There is such a huge focus in our society on getting and keeping ourselves physically fit – which is important. But let’s think for a moment what would happen if we spent an equal amount energy on getting career fit!?

What is the key to career happiness?

Know what makes you happy and go after it.

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