What we do.

At Finch St. our job is to get you career fit. Think of us a personal trainer for your career, providing you with the guidance, knowledge and tools to achieve your goals. A career health check shows us where you are and where you want to be, and a personalised career training plan will help you get and stay on track for years to come. It doesn’t matter where you happen to be in your career, it’s never too early or too late. What matters is taking your next step with confidence and clarity.


our services

One-on-one coaching.

Tailored to suit where you’ve been and where it is you’re going. Build your own program with the help of a career coach or choose the kickstarter program to, well kick things off!



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Guest speaking.

Founder of Finch St. Adele Leah is an experienced and accomplished guest speaker on career development and what it takes to get career fit and job ready.


coaching programs

The kickstarter program

Six one-hour sessions.


Graduates starting out or existing employees looking to take off in their career.

Best for:

Those wanting to get started in the right direction.

What you will learn:

All aspects of navigating the job market and securing a role.

Topics covered:

Career clarity. Know what you want.
CV & LinkedIn profile preparation.
The application process – How to do it right!
Learning how to tap into the hidden job market.
Perfecting your presentation skills – on and offline.
Interview skills and techniques. Nailing it every time!

Build your own program

No of sessions:

Usually determined in the first meet to suit individual needs.


Mid-level and senior executives.

Best for:

Those feeling unsatisfied in their current role or career.

What you will learn:

One-on-one coaching sessions are customised to your individual needs and can cover a variety of key areas.

Topics include:

CV preparation
Navigating the job market
Learning how to tap into the hidden job market
The application process – how to do it right!
Interview skills and techniques
Pitch preparation
Salary negotiation
Personal brand development
Career development and promotion plans

it all starts with a no obligation chat what are you waiting for?

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