Recently, I asked my mailing list subscribers to let me know how they’d been getting on with their career goals for 2018.

And I got some brilliant responses!

I heard from a number of people who’ve smashed it and hit 10/10 with their career goals…

From people who set the goal of travelling more with their careers and are now working in New York, to those who wanted a complete career change and are now working in roles and industries they love, through to those who wanted to up-level their careers and go for a promotion and pay-rise, only to get even more than they expected – I heard about some bloody good work!

It makes me so happy to hear about these success stories, because ultimately, my career goal is to help you achieve your career goals!

But what if you’re not hitting 10 out of 10 with your career goals for 2018 so far?

And what if hearing about how other people managed to realise their dreams is making you feel a bit crap?

Believe me, I’ve been there and done the feeling crap thing too, and I want to help pull you out of it.

Because I know you don’t want to reach the end of this year and feel rubbish because you’ve let yet another 12 months of your life slip by in a job that doesn’t make you feel happy getting up in the morning, and that doesn’t make the best use of your talents.

So here’s the first step you can take to turn things around.

The one thing that all these goal-achieving people had in common – and which drove them to hit their goals out of the ballpark! – is that they got really clear on what they wanted.

Getting really clear helped them set the precise goals and targets they wanted to achieve.

And then, because they knew where they were heading, taking the steps to get there became a whole lot easier.

Really, the first part of the process is to know what you want and where you’re going, and then you can start seeing and taking the steps that’ll move you in the right direction.

This is basically what my signature programme’s all about (and why it’s so popular!), as it works through the can’t-miss steps you need to take to get truly clear on your career.

It’s designed to have you set clear goals, uncover what it is you really love (and want to do more of), and to get you well on the way to making those dreams a reality.

Because if you don’t know where you’re going, chances are that you’ll probably end up somewhere else!

And the best CV in the world won’t land you the job you’re looking for if you don’t have a clue what that job should even look like.

So take a minute to be honest with yourself, and ask yourself if you’re clear on where you’re going with your career.

Have you made a plan for your career development and set some specific career goals for yourself?

Have you thought out what you want your life to look like in 1, 3 and 5 years from now, and the progress you want to see in your career moving forward?

And have you allowed yourself to daydream a little about what might be possible for you in your wildest dreams (because you’ll never get it if you don’t dream it)?

Or are you just winging it, hoping that *one day* your dreams will become a reality, and letting yourself drift in the meantime?

Maybe you’re hanging onto the thought that a pay rise or promotion might magically land in your lap and solve all your problems, without you putting yourself forward to go for those things. Or that a recruiter will phone you up and offer you the job of your dreams without you even having to apply for it.

But on the other hand… maybe it’s time to stop hoping and start doing.

If you’re ready to…

  • Make your dreams a reality
  • Make the most out of your career
  • And be truly happy and fulfilled with the work you do

Then drop me a line to arrange a free, no-obligation ‘Career Clarity’ call where we have a proper chat about your career goals.

We’ll also talk about whether my ‘Get Clear on Your Career’ coaching programme might be just what you need to start seeing the big changes, results, and increased fulfillment you’d like in your career.

After all, we spend one-third of our lives at work. Don’t spend that time waiting for things to change… Instead, spend your time making the deliberate changes you need to do more of what you love.

Let’s get career happy – it makes the days a lot more fun

Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash


  1. Diaa


    Interesting article!
    On my part, I want to be one of too Strategists in the world since I love fixing companies using the different company resources and aligning professional consultants accordingly.

    I am 50, can I reach that goal, how ? Is this my real voice and passion?

    How can you help? What’s your structured approach?

    • adele

      You have a great goal. I would suggest getting really specific about what this looks and feels like to you so you know when you’ve achieved it. Think about when you would like to achieve this and what are some of the steps along the way you will need to take to get there.

      Your age really age doesn’t have an impact on whether you reach your goal or not, it will be in the action you take!

      To ensure you reach your goal I would suggest getting a clear plan detailing the big action you need to take and the small steps you need to make on a daily basis. Also setting some key milestones to ensure you are keeping on track.

      My Career Grow Coaching Programme covers these elements and more to ensure you have a personalised success strategy in place.

      I will contact you directly with more details.

      Thank you for your comment.


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