‘Alas, you haven’t got what it takes!’

I read those words in an email from a business coach I’d been contemplating hiring.

Honestly, my first reaction was —


This is NOT a coaching style that I’ve ever used myself!

Then I thought —

Is this a sales tactic she’s using?

Maybe by saying that I didn’t have ‘what it takes’, she was hoping I’d sign up just to prove her wrong.

If so, it didn’t work.

Her words were especially annoying because they came after a very brief conversation we’d had, where I’d tried to learn more about her work and see if she’d be a good fit to coach me.

Which meant that her negative judgment wasn’t based on any REAL, in-depth knowledge of me or my business.

Then, I thought —

‘Who the f*ck is she to decide if I have what it takes or not?!’

Because honestly, I know the impact that words like this can have.  

She’s not the first naysayer, dream-breaker, non-believer or put-downer I’ve encountered.

But the thing is…

…if you’re not used to hearing such comments, you can let yourself believe them.

You can fall into a cycle of playing small, and become afraid to step up or stand out.

Now, however, I know what to call comments like that.


Aka —

Belief systems. (Oh, all right, and the other kind of B.S. too!)

Back in the day, I used to believe B.S. like this, when I’d hear it from other people.

I’d take on board what they believed, and think that if they said “it’s not possible” or “you can’t do that”, they were right.

Those kinds of comments held me back for years from starting my own business.

Then I discovered how to move past those people’s B.S.!

I realized — it’s often not so much about “have we got what it takes” as it is about knowing how to make it happen.  

It’s about knowing which steps to take…

which step comes first…

… and which steps come next.

Because sometimes, we know we want more, know that we want to take our career (or business) to the next level, but also know that we’re not totally clear on how to do it.

And because we don’t know the precise steps to take in order to get where we want to go, we feel stuck.

I’ll put my hands up and admit it —

More than once I’ve been there myself, knowing that I want to do better, knowing that I want to progress in my career, and also knowing that I need some help to achieve that.  

In those cases, it’s been helpful to work with someone who’s already achieved what I want to achieve and who’s willing to share knowledge I can benefit from.

Because there are ALWAYS things we don’t know how to do, simply because we haven’t done them yet.

But that doesn’t mean we won’t ultimately succeed at them, once someone else shows us the ropes.

If that business coach had said to me —

‘Alas, you don’t know the exact, easiest way to scale your business quickly…’

She’d have been right.

Which was precisely why I was looking to work with her 😂

But asking for help means that you HAVE got what it takes — because it’s the first step you can take to stop yourself from staying stuck.  

We don’t have to know it all — in fact, we can’t always know it all — and sometimes we need support, guidance, and tried-and-tested tips to move up to the next level.


We know what we know.

We know what we don’t know.

And there’s a whole lot that we don’t even know we don’t know.   

(Bit mind-blowing to get your head around that last one, right?!)

But that’s exactly why working with someone more experienced than us can open our eyes to new approaches, new opportunities, and things that we didn’t even know we were ignoring.

Personally, there was a point in my own business where I recognized that if I kept doing the same things and expecting a different result, it was going to be a lo-o-o-o-ong road to nowhere.  

Working with various experts (albeit NOT that business coach!), on the other hand, has brought about many exciting new developments!

(Stay tuned to hear more about them over the next couple of months!) 🤗

And if you’ve been hearing a bit too much of other people’s B.S. lately, know this.

I believe you’ve got what it takes.

I believe you can have that dream career and that ideal job you desire.  

And I believe that if you want MORE from your job and to shake things up by taking your career to the next level in 2019…

You can ABSOLUTELY do that.

But it’s true that you might also need a helping hand to get there.

For example:

  • Maybe you need a clearer vision for your career development.
  • Maybe you want to understand better what role/company/industry would be right for you and make you truly happy.  
  • Or maybe you need some advice and guidance when it comes to navigating a tricky job market and landing your next role…

Well, don’t worry.

When it comes to any of those things, I’ve got you.

(And don’t worry — I’m NEVER going to tell you that, ‘Alas, you don’t have what it takes’!!!)

I believe in you.

So if you want MORE for your career in 2019 let’s get cracking!

Sign up for my FREE 5 Days to Career Breakthrough mini-course to pull yourself away from limiting career B.S. and move into a job that finally makes you say “yessss”! 🙂

Email me at adele@finchst.com to join the course.

Let’s keep working together towards a world where more people love what they do!


Photo by Seth Doyle on Unsplash

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